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50 Things That Make Me Happy

What’s a better way to introduce myself than giving a list of all of the things in my life that make me the happiest? Being a student in college sometimes makes it very hard to focus on the good when you’re consumed with so much stress. I’ve tried many different things to remind myself of the good and to keep my head up, and the main thing that truly helps is writing. Besides that, here are 50 things that make me happy!

  1. Coffee– who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning- or really any time of the day. You should never limit your coffee intake to just once a day.
  2. My family– my parents are truly my biggest support group.
  3. God– what would I ever do without him?
  4. My best friend– I love you.
  5. The Vols.
  6. Christmas– no explanation needed.
  7. Working out– I have been OBSESSED with going to the gym and seeing such good results make me so happy.
  8. Milano Cookies– I can eat an entire bag in one sitting.
  9. Hobby Lobby– I can spend hours and probably days in there if they would allow me to. Honestly I’d live in there if I could.
  10. Decorating.
  11. Online shopping– I kid you not I spend hours each day doing this.
  12. A clean room.
  13. Getting new makeup.
  14. My laptop– She holds my entire life.
  15. My new car– her name’s Chelsea and I love her like she is my child.
  16. Shoes– I can’t even count how many I own.
  17. When there’s no line at Chipotle.
  18. Coffee Shops– again, I could live in there for days.
  19. Sitting at the adult table at family get-togethers– too bad I’m forever at the kids table.
  20. Giving presents.
  21. Brunch dates.
  23. French Bulldogs– catch me in 2 years with a blue Frenchie.
  24. The beach.
  25. The city– hence the blog name.
  26. The summertime.
  27. Pasta– gotta love me some carbs.
  28. BREAD– now I’m getting hungry.
  29. Small caramel iced coffee with cream and sugar from Dunkin.
  30. Lazy days in bed.
  31. Christmas movies– particularly Elf, I’ve probably seen it at least 200 times.
  32. Thunderstorms– especially in the summer.
  33. Snow.
  34. Country music.
  35. The ocean waves.
  36. Bonfires in the summer with good people
  37. The Hulk roller coaster at Universal Studios– one time I rode it 7 times in a row.
  38. Social Media– ugh such a millennial.
  39. Chocolate Devotion from Baskin Robbins.
  40. Brownies in a mug.
  41. Anything aesthetically pleasing.
  42. The sound the leaves make when you step on them in the fall
  43. Shark Tank– why can’t I be that creative?
  44. Feyyaz– my hair dresser, truly the greatest man alive.
  45. HGTV– every time I watch Fixer Upper I want to redecorate my entire house.
  46. Bath bombs.
  47. Taking trips to DC– especially around Christmas time.
  48. Ice skating– when I don’t completely wipe out of course.
  49. You reading thisšŸ™‚
  50. This blog!

I hope you enjoyed this super long list and now know me a little better! I tag all of you reading this to do this tag now and comment down below the link so I can check them out!

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