How to Have an Aesthetically Pleasing Insta

Ugh this post is almost too millennial to handle. Let’s face it, social media is taking over everything. From business and marketing, to basically our entire lives, it really has a hold on us- kinda scary if you think about it.

The current craze of social media is aesthetics. Everything’s gotta flow and look pleasing when you scroll down someones profile. If you’ve seen my Insta- and if you haven’t, go check it out because I put WAY too much work into that thing, then you’d know that I have a pretty solid theme going on. Honestly I have basically defined “aesthetically pleasing” on my page, if I do say so myself.

I decided to put together some tips to achieve an aesthetically pleasing Insta, so here they are!

The main thing you need to do to make your profile flow is to pick a theme. The app I currently use to edit my pictures is VSCO. It has dozens of filters you can pick from, as well as editing tools to change things like the saturation, exposure, temperature, etc etc. If you go onto Pinterest and literally type in “VSCO Instagram themes” it will give you ideas of themes as well as how to edit each picture in the app.

The theme I have on my Instagram currently is just a white accent theme. It’s super easy to achieve but it definitely limits what you can post. All of my pictures need something major in it to be white so that I can accent it. Once I have a perfect picture to post, I first take it into the app Facetune. This is going to sound incredibly extra, but I use the teeth whitening feature in the app to “whiten” all of the white in the picture. This makes it so all of the whites are the same exact shade. After that, I take it into VSCO and turn up the contrast, and then turn down the saturation and VOILA- I have a picture to post. No filter needed and it flows SO well with Instagram’s white background.

The next thing that is essential is to have variety within your posts. Don’t make all of your posts selfies, or all of them just you standing with a couple friends. A few of those pictures are nice, but after three in a row it gets a little old and messes with the aesthetics. Switch it up and take pictures of your daily activities- maybe a picture of your coffee or a good book you’re reading.

(The book is Bloom by Beau Taplin- go check him out his books are AMAZING)

Lastly, take good quality pictures! Nothing messes with aesthetics more than when your pictures are blurry and look like they’ve been takes with a flip phone- what even is a flip phone anymore?


Just use good judgement when posting and you’ll be killing the aesthetics game in no time!

Feel free to comment what you do to make your Insta aesthetically pleasing, and be sure to follow me!

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