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5 Good Habits to Get Into This New Year

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The New Year is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start coming up with your New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them, but how many people actually stick to them? One of my resolutions is to really start focusing on my own life and bettering myself. It’s okay to be selfish and to take a step back to take care of yourself. Here are some good habits that you should consider getting into to better yourself this new year.

Cut the technology addiction.

I can’t tell you how many hours of sleep I have lost, scrolling through social media, watching funny videos of dogs, or playing candy crush until I give up. Who else can relate?

Technology is notorious for stealing valuable sleep from us. The blue light that our screens give off keep us alert and awake, preventing us from being able to fall asleep right after. Try putting down the phone an hour before you plan to sleep, and see how much that changes things.

Not only that, but when you’re constantly stuck to your phone, you lose sight of what’s going on right in front of you. Try putting your phone down for the day, or even just start with a couple of hours, and see how much you notice about the world around you. Your patience will grow and you’ll be much more attentive. You may even meet some great people who you never even would have if you had been staring at your phone.

Start drinking spinach shakes.

Not many people can say they love spinach, so it’s unfortunate that it has SO many health benefits. If you’re like me and can’t stand the taste of those leafy greens, try making spinach shakes!

All you need is a bunch of yummy fruits, some orange juice, and of course a big handful of spinach, and you can make a delicious shake- you can’t even taste the spinach! It’s such a great way to stay healthy, and it’s an awesome habit to get into doing everyday. Your body will be thanking you. Check out this list of yummy spinach shakes you can make. The options are endless!

Read the Bible every day.

Okay, how amazing is that book?! I find it so fascinating to read about all of the good that God does and all that he can do for us!

The more you read, the more you will see amazing things start to happen in your every day life. I totally recommend reading it if you wanna feel good. It’s a perfect way to start your morning or end your day. Instead of picking up your phone before going to sleep, pick up your bible!

I also completely recommend my absolute favorite author Carlie Terradez. Her books are absolutely so great, and will not only amaze you, but will make you want to grow your faith. They are such feel-good books about the amazing things God does, and how much he loves you! My favorite book of hers is this one!

Pick up yoga.

I totally recommend  getting a yoga membership, and get into the habit of going regularly. Yoga really helps you to have an understanding of your body, and allows you to have complete control.

Not only does it totally relax you, but it’s such a great workout. It’s so relaxing, and it has been known to decrease stress and anxiety! It reminds you how great your body is, and that you need to take the time to take care of it. Be kind to yourself, and love yourself. You deserve it.

Start journaling.

If you have a super hectic life like me, it helps to write down all of your thoughts each day to collect everything together.

I use journaling to unwind after a long day, and it aides in releasing stress and anxiety. Whenever something happens to me that seems like it’s too much to handle, I tend to just sit there in anxiety while my mind goes crazy. That’s when I found that writing everything down makes the big problems in our lives seem a lot smaller. Happy? Journal it. Sad? Journal it. Wanna punch a hole through your wall? Journal it.

Have a set bedtime.

How many of us actually get the 8-10 hours of sleep we need each night? I know I don’t. Sleep is so important for our overall health. I can’t tell you how many days I wake up from only having a couple of hours of sleep and I am so moody, have AWFUL dark circles, and am way less attentive than normal.

What if I told you there was an easy way to wake up feeling refreshed and in a great mood? A great habit to get into is having a set bed time. This means that you pick a time to go to sleep that would allow you to get at least 8 hours of sleep, and stick to it. Train your body to go to sleep every night at that time, and voila- no more whack sleep cycle and no more crazy dark circles that make you look like a character of the next zombie apocalypse movie.

You will look and feel refreshed, and your body will be thanking you!

These are just a few great habits to get into this new year that will have you feeling refreshed and healthy. Don’t forget to love yourself this year! Treat yourself because you deserve it.

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