My Everyday Makeup Products

Though I have an endless collection of makeup, I use only about nine or ten of those as an everyday product. My everyday makeup products are of my all-time favorites, so I thought I would share them with you! I 100% recommend you give these a try. I’ll list each product in the order I apply.

1. Primer– My all-time favorite primer is this one by Revlon. Not only does it ready my face for makeup and keep it on all day long, but it brightens my skin tone and gives me an all day glow! I put this all over my face right before applying foundation.

2. Foundation– This product by Maybelline is my absolute favorite! I’m a huge fan of drugstore makeup, and this one is forever my go-to. It stays on all day and covers everything without being too cakey.

3. Concealer– I was blessed with a face that doesn’t get a lot of breakouts(thank the Lord) so I mainly use concealer to cover up my awful dark circles. That is why I LOVE this concealer by Maybelline, and the sponge on it is small enough to get under your eyes and around small crevices like the edges of your nose!

4. Powder– Not only does this powder do wonders at covering up my oily skin, but it truly holds my makeup on my face all day. Powder is an absolute necessity to prevent your makeup from slipping off and I completely recommend this one from Maybelline (can you tell I really love Maybelline).

5. Contour– Some days I do skip contouring because I don’t think its a total necessity on just everyday makeup, but when I do use it, I am obsessed with my Kat Von D pallet. It has three different shades of both bronzer and highlight to create a perfect contour.

6. Eyeshadow– I just got this Urban Decay pallet and am in LOVE. All of the pink in this pallet brings out green or blue eyes perfectly, and the colors go SO well together. It’s no question why this product made it into my everyday makeup bag within no time.

7. Eyeliner– I’m a huge fan of liquid liner and this one by ELF does the perfect job. The brush is super thin which helps achieve the perfect wing. It stays on all day and doesn’t even smudge. It’s a plus that this product is only a couple of dollars- reasons why I love drugstore makeup so much.


8. Mascara– I have awful eyelashes, so I’m always looking for a good mascara that lasts all day and makes them look as voluminous as possible. I recently came across this mascara from Loreal and it’s perfect! It’s also waterproof, so it holds the curl so well.

9. Lipstick– Okay I don’t wear this everyday, but I absolutely love this color by NARS! It’s perfect for the winter, and it stays on my lips so well. It’s also a matte color which I love! It can be worn as a liner or as a lipstick.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite go-to makeup products are. Hope you all are having a fabulous New Year!


  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the list! I definitely want to try some of these. Love Voluminous mascara too!!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Vanessa!!

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