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How to Organize Your Dorm

I don’t live in a dorm currently, but I do live in a sorority house, which is basically the same thing! Having only half of a room and a twin bed is a huge struggle, but I’m here to show you how to make the most of it and get the most storage space in your tiny shoebox of a room.

Before I get into it, here’s an overview of my half of the room:

As you can tell, the main thing I use are bins. They’re gonna become your best friend when you’re trying to optimize space! Not only that, but they make moving in and out so easy. You can just pack them at home, and there’s no unpacking or sorting to do when you get there.

Starting with the left side of the room, I bought this shelf unit. I like it because you can buy bins to slide into it, or just place things right on the shelf. I use the bottom bin to store all of my toiletries/ refills, and the top shelf to put a towel and the bag I take with me to the shower. I used the top as a place for decor, putting a cute picture frame and a wine glass!

Next over, I use this drawer set to store all of my makeup, hair supplies, beauty supplies, etc. I totally recommend getting one of these to store all of your little toiletries/ accessories. It’s supper easy to access all of the stuff and makes getting ready a breeze! I put it right next to my desk so I can sit there and get ready. On top of it I have this month’s Birch Box, a mirror for makeup, and some toiletries!

Honestly, I never really sit at my desk to do work. I really only use it to sit at when I get ready, so I don’t put a lot of school supplies on it. Here’s an overview of my desk area:

I’ll start at the bottom and work up to the decor on my desk.

I was lucky that the house supplied us with these desks! They have 2 shelves and a drawer on the side, perfect for storing desk supplies. If you’re desk doesn’t have one of these, you can easily just buy one to put underneath or next to your desk.

On the bottom shelf I have some folders, notebooks, and some other good reads. Above that I put the single most essential thing in my room- coffee! Next to that I have my Bose speaker. In the drawer, I just put the basic desk supplies like tape, sticky notes, note cards, all that good stuff.

On my desk I have a lamp, a mug to keep pens, pencils, and scissors, the CUTEST sign that just describes my life, this lovely plant, a Keurig- also the most essential thing in my room, a basket to hold just a couple of the hundred mugs I own, my planner, my notebook, and my laptop!

Moving to the bed area, here’s an overview of it:

Bins, bins, and more bins! I told you they were gonna be your best friend! They help so much with storing items and keeping your room looking well-kept. Also, lofting your bed makes your room have so much more space for storage! If it’s an option, I totally recommend doing it. You can put your dresser and other big furniture under there to save space.

On the left I have a bag that I’m using to keep all of my snacks, and then to the right of that I have a bin that I’m using to keep my bath towels in. The house gives us one set of 3 drawers, but that was definitely not enough for me, so I bought my own set of plastic drawers. I highly recommend doing this if you don’t think one dresser is going to be enough- and if it can fit under your bed you’re not losing any space! It also made moving in SO easy. I packed it at home and had nothing to unpack when I got here! On top of that I have another bin that I use to keep all of my sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Next to that I have the dresser they gave me, and on top of that a couple sweatshirts that I wear often, and a bin with all of my fuzzy socks! I put my Swell water bottle right there so I can grab it easily when I’m in bed.

Now onto the bed! This is another main place of decor. My accent color is pink, and then I used gray and white as base colors. I couldn’t fit as many pillows as I would have liked, so I settled for three throw pillows, and then two actual pillows behind them. I wasn’t allowed to use command strips or stick anything on the walls, so I was limited in what I could decorate my walls with. Regardless of that, I made the most of it!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little from it. Dorm life is hard, but it’s doable. Happy organizing!


  1. Ryan Moné says:

    omg!! We have the same rain boots and the same planner lol

    1. admin says:

      They’re such essentials!!

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