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GALentine’s Day Date Ideas

February seems to creep around so quick as soon as it hits the new year. Where has the time gone?! February is known to be the month of ~love~,  and just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be the Grinch of Valentines day. This day is revolved around love, and if you love your mom or your best friend, who’s to say they can’t be your Valentine?! You’re an independent gal and you don’t need a man to give you love this Valentine’s Day. Use this as a day to treat whoever- hey, it can even be you. Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye (sorry I had to).

Here are some super fun ways you can spend Valentine’s Day with your gals (or yourself)!


Wow I’m really craving some Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies right about now. Whether you wanna go full on chef and cook a full course meal, or just bake up some cookies from a mix, TREAT YO’SELF. Going off of your New Years diet for one day isn’t going to hurt anything, and baking with friends while blasting music is SO fun.

Shop ’till you drop

This day can be all about loving yourself, so go ahead and buy that new sweater or those shoes you’ve been wanting. If you’re with friends, go around the store and find one item to buy each other that you think they’d love! This is a true test of friendship and how well you know each other.


For those of you that have read my About Me post, you would know that I am absolutely obsessed with brunch/ coffee shops. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do, and I’m actually sitting in one right now, believe it or not. Yummy coffee, brunch food, who wouldn’t want that?!

Secret love letters

Kinda like a secret Santa, pick names out of a hat with all of your bestie gals, and write secret love letters to them. Spread all the love and positivity their way. If you don’t do it with friends, write one to yourself! List all of the things you love most about yourself.

Go on a hike

Nature can be so refreshing, so if you’re somewhere where it’s warm enough to go outside and actually enjoy it, go on a hike! I’d recommend doing it with friends just for safety reasons.

Go on a photoshoot

Nothing says “I’m happy and single” like a cute Instagram pic of you with your friends. Photoshoots can be SO fun, and you’ll get some quality Instas out of it. Dress up, go somewhere cool/ artsy, and take pics with your people.

I hope you all have a lovely Galentines day, and spread all the love and happiness to the ones you care about most!

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